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Updated on April 9th, 2024 at 07:15 pm

If you are interested in visiting Washington, DC, but fear that you won’t be able to capture the images you want while there, the Washington Photo Safari is waiting to help. These guided tours are unlike traditional offerings. While you view the city, the safari instructors will teach you how to use your camera.

While many people love to travel and visit new locations, the pictures they share back home often fail to capture the full experience. Sure, your friends and family can sort of make out the historical sites behind you. But, if you haven’t learned the basics of photography and how to use your device, they will never see the sites through your eyes.

Thanks to the folks at Washington Photo Safari, you never have to let that happen again. These experienced photography experts are not only skilled at taking pictures but also familiar with Washington, D.C., and the other sites where tours are given. You will learn enriching historical tales about the sites you are visiting while capturing gorgeous images. This will give you something really exciting to share on social media!

The photography training field trip options are designed to ensure that people of all interests and skill levels can find the perfect trip for their itinerary. No matter what type of camera you are using or what your depth of knowledge is, the guides will help you have fun while learning the basic elements of art and the functions of your camera.

For instance, the right lighting and background are essential to attractive, eye-popping photos. If your images have a glare or shadowy spots, the entire picture can be ruined. While you might be able to crop them out later, why not learn how to take better pictures in the first place?

Their website makes it easy for you to find a safari that will suit your needs. In addition to selecting the month you will be in the city, you can also limit the search results based on the skills being taught. For instance, some of the safaris focus on the function and techniques of your camera, while others teach you how to snap live-action shots.

Although the tours are based in Washington, DC, not all focus on the historical monuments and memorials that attract visitors from around the world. Washington Photo Safari offers tours that showcase the region’s natural areas, while others teach nighttime photo techniques.

The length of the safaris ranges from a couple of hours to a full day. Many visitors schedule many exciting things to do while visiting the District other than one during their stay to gain additional skills and images from their stay. You might even opt for one of their safaris in Baltimore or Philadelphia while visiting the East Coast.

If you are ready to have a whole new experience and a great time with guided tours, then sign up for one with Washington Photo Safari. The vast range of options and unique learning opportunities make this an ideal addition to any vacation itinerary.

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