Great Dining In Washington DC

Updated on December 11th, 2018 at 10:02 pm

Restaurants come in all shapes and sizes. You can find tiny diners and high luxury restaurants depending on where you look. But there are a few places in the United States where you can find a wide variety of styles and cultures regarding food, much wider than other areas. One such area is Washington D.C.

Dining in Washington D.C.

Dining in Washington D.C. is truly a global experience. Because so many separate nations have immigrants and chefs attached to the various international communities in the area, there is a wide range of options from across the planet. In the north of the city alone in the Silver Spring area just outside the city’s border with Maryland, Route 29 cuts through areas filled with immigrants from Ethiopia, the Caribbean, and Central America. This means that Route 29 alone hosts a wide range of low key places to try a broad range of global dishes without going very far at all.

Deset Ethiopian Restaurant

Located on Georgia Ave Northwest just off Route 29, Deset is an unpretentious, uncomplicated place. It, not only, offers a wide range of traditional Ethiopian dishes but also many vegetarian options. These seem intended to attract more upscale patrons in the city, which makes sense.

There’s also a traditional coffee bar which was an Ethiopian tradition long before the idea of a coffee bar reached the Western world. The stews are of the classic spicy flavor that marks most Ethiopian food, and the bread is baked fresh.

Ben’s Chili Bowl

Elsewhere, in the Shaw neighborhood on U Street, this eatery is one of the most recognized landmarks in DC. A least, out of the ones that have nothing to do with the federal government. Serving thick, meaty, and often spicy chilis, this eatery is legendary among DC residents. The prices are reasonable for such a legendary diner and in addition to chili, Ben’s serves chili dogs and thick milkshakes that have long been associated with the all-American diner and greasy spoon.

However, the place is typically packed during the lunch and dinner rush hours. You can often find a line stretching around the street with no place to sit for latecomers. That said, during the afternoon slow period and the later times in the night, the place is reasonably filled.

Sunrise Caribbean Restaurant

This restaurant is an uncomplicated eatery, serving a wide range of Caribbean dishes from across that part of the world. Though it has a small dining area, it is a good place to grab a quick meal with tropical flavorings. However, a lot of the actual fare is geared more towards a more American crowd, with a lot of the dishes being vegan.

As you can see, there’s such a wide variety of tastes and styles in Washington D.C. that you’ll never get bored. You can go out to eat every weekend for a year and be able to find a different location. So, if you’re thinking of taking a vacation and you’re one of those people who love variety in food, Washington D.C. is an amazing location.

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