If you need a Washington DC DUI defense attorney, Bruckheim & Patel  is ready to advocate for you. Bruckheim & Patel  promises trust, commitment, and integrity to all of our clients. Our skilled litigators bring a unique perspective to each case. Experience, attention to detail, and aggressiveness can mean the difference between success and failure.

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Bruckheim & Patel understands that your legal problem may be the most pressing matter in your life. They are often expensive, disruptive, and life-changing. Bruckheim & Patel is here to see you through these difficult times. As a boutique litigation practice, the firm provides personal attention and care. As an experienced District of Columbia law firm, Bruckheim & Patel will provide the highest quality legal representation for you.

Michael Bruckheim has specialized experience and training in Washington DC DUI defense. Mr. Bruckheim not only is trained to administer field sobriety tests according to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) standards, but he is also trained as a NHTSA Field Sobriety Test Instructor. As a result, DC DUI lawyer Michael Bruckheim is typically better trained than most officers who testify in DWI and DUI cases.  Mr. Bruckheim is the only licensed attorney in the District of Columbia to have completed an intensive training course in Forensic Chromatography, which is the process used to analyze blood and urine samples in Washington DC DUI attorney cases.  As a former supervisor of DWI/DUI prosecutions in the District of Columbia, Mr. Bruckheim has valuable insight as to the thought processes behind DWI/DUI prosecutions. More importantly, Mr. Bruckheim knows how to find weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Due to his training and experience as a DC Attorney, Mr. Bruckheim clearly understands the consequences a person will face if convicted, and can help his clients achieve the best possible results.

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Attorney, Sweta Patel, has defended DC DUI DWI cases in the District of Columbia and the State of Florida. She brings a unique perspective and knowledge that comes with having practiced in multiple jurisdictions. From 2011-2013, Ms. Patel received a verdict of not guilty in every DUI case that she took to trial. She won four back to back DUI jury trials. From 2014 to present, Ms. Patel has been able to obtain a not guilty verdict at trial or has been able to obtain a diversion dismissal of the case in over 90 percent of the cases she has represented individuals charged with DUIs. Most recently, her passion for protecting her clients’ rights has gotten the attention of the D.C. community. She received the AVVO client’s choice award in 2014/2015 for DUI defense. With her extensive experience in defending against DUI cases, Ms. Patel is dedicated to ensuring her clients get the most favorable result.

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Our experience and expertise are recognized by our peers at AVVO. We know that there are many avenues to successfully challenging a driving while intoxicated charge. With a criminal record and driving privileges at stake due to your arrest, it is essential that your attorney explore every possible angle to fight your DWI/DUI. Bruckheim & Patel knows all the angles…and can put their experience to work for you. For a Washington DC DWI criminal defense attorney in Potomac, Rockville, Bethesda, Germantown, Damascus and Gaithersburg, and MD areas, trust the experience at Bruckheim & Patel.

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Facing a DUI charge in Washington DCMr. Bruckheim’s latest book provides an expanded review of the entire judicial process of a DUI case. Included in this new edition of Facing a DUI in DC is information regarding traffic stops and breath testing, questions answered on arrests under the influence of drugs, license suspension, injury caused by a driver in a motor vehicle, BAC,  plus updated citations to all the relevant laws.

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