The Best Schools In Washington, DC

Updated on December 11th, 2018 at 10:04 pm

When it comes to your children, you want what’s best for them – including their education. Below, we will discuss the best schools located in Washington, D.C. for children of all different ages.

  1. Mann Elementary School

One of the top-rated elementary schools in Washington, D.C. is Mann School. As far as academics are concerned, students who attend this school score well above the state’s average. Students also are making excellent progress each year. This means that the children attending Mann School have strong academic skills that are being nurtured well by the school’s faculty, compared to other schools.

There is no dress code for students at the school, and Mann follows a traditional schedule, aiming to promote education, as well as fun for students. Sports and clubs are available for children of both genders.

  1. Hardy Middle School

Hardy Middle School is a wonderful school for kids living in Washington, D.C. who attend grades 6-8. Just as is the case with Mann Elementary School, test scores are high at this middle school, and student progress is excellent as well.

Hardy Middle School is known not only for their fantastic academics but their music and arts as well. In fact, it is a requirement for students who attend this school to sign up for instrumental instruction for all three years that they attend. They are welcome to choose to join several bands that travel and perform all over the city.

The day starts at 8:45 for the students who attend Hardy Middle School, and it ends at 3:15. There is a wide range of diversity among the students who attend when it comes to race, and there is a uniform dress code which is enforced.

  1. School Without Walls High School

The last school that we will mention in this article today is the high school known as School Without Walls. This high school is well known for its high academic scores among students, the progress that students make, and college readiness among the young adults who graduate. Among those who attend, the graduation rate is 95%, which is above and beyond the state’s average of only 65%. The average SAT score at this high school is 1777.

If you want your high school-aged child to receive a fantastic education and be prepared for college, School Without Walls is an excellent high school to enroll them. The school day begins at 8:45, and ends at 3:15. There is a dress code for students who attend, and it is worth mentioning that there is no public transportation for students for this school. You will need to arrange transportation for your child(ren).

In conclusion, countless, amazing schools in Washington, D.C. help students to excel in academics, music, art, and prepare them for the future job market. These schools mentioned in this article are not only above and beyond when it comes to state averages, they are highly rated by parents and enjoyed by the students who attend. We recommend considering these schools for your little ones and young adults alike.

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