What Type of Person is Charged with a DUI?

Updated on April 9th, 2024 at 08:04 pm

Interviewer:  You mentioned earlier that D.C. is a transient area, and we have all different types of people coming in and out of the district. Is there a demographic that you see for people getting arrested for DUI, meaning, young people, old people, what’s your typical arrest?

Michael:  It’s interesting, because I personally don’t have a demographic. Because I’ve represented clients of all ages, both male and female, multiple nationalities, multiple ethnicities.
I really don’t get the sense of any type of demographic, where I see certain types of people, or people have certain characteristics repeatedly coming into my office for DUIs. Every client is different, every client might fit a different demographic, but I don’t think there is one demographic that dominates DUI. DUI is a charge that seems to touch people from all different walks of life and all different backgrounds.

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