What to Expect when Facing Criminal Charges

Updated on September 14th, 2015 at 08:41 pm

Most people, on some level or another, would be terrified to face criminal charges. Whether you’re facing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol, or you’ve been arrested and charged for murder, finding yourself involved in criminal court proceedings is a frightening prospect. Many people are unaware that certain interactions with the police, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can result in criminal charges, either misdemeanors or even felonies. Regardless of the eventual verdict, there’s no denying that criminal charges can be incredibly disruptive to your life and your future opportunities.

Unfortunately, many people will find themselves facing criminal charges at some point in their lives, even in the Washington DC area. Between criminal charges, possible jail time and finding the right criminal defense attorney to represent you, a court case is incredibly disruptive to one’s lifestyle and future prospects. Many employers will terminate employees who are facing criminal charges; an actual conviction will most certainly change the trajectory of your life and future. The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers recommends that every person facing criminal charges contact a criminal defense attorney immediately upon learning that they will be being charged with a crime. The consequences for failing to do so can be severe.

Any person facing criminal charges must retain adequate legal counsel. Inadequately experienced criminal defense attorneys are often incapable of arguing a sound case. As a result, defendants struck with inexperienced criminal defense attorneys are more likely to face time in prison – or even the death penalty. If you are facing criminal charges, you should do the appropriate research and contact an experienced attorney like Michael Bruckheim.

An experienced criminal defense attorney like Michael Bruckheim will be able to calmly and confidently walk you through each and every step of your criminal court proceedings. From ensuring that you’re released from jail on bond during your trial, to guiding you through each day in court, an experienced criminal defense attorney will know how to best serve you throughout criminal court proceedings. Furthermore, experienced criminal defense attorneys like Michael Bruckheim will know how to best argue your case to acquittal. At the very least, an experienced criminal defense attorney will help you determine when it is appropriate to settle your case through a plea.

If you are facing criminal charges in the Washington DC area, do not panic. As soon as you possibly can, do the research necessary to find an adequately experienced criminal defense attorney like Michael Bruckheim. If you have the right criminal defense attorney, you will be able to confidently manage your criminal court proceedings. Do not risk your life and future opportunities if you are facing criminal charges. Contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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As a former Prosecutor, Michael Bruckheim has experience on the other side of the aisle. Prior to founding his law office in 2010, Mr. Bruckheim enjoyed a diverse career in litigation at the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia (OAG) serving for over 11 years. He began his OAG career as a prosecutor in the Criminal Section where he conducted numerous bench and jury trials in traffic and criminal misdemeanor matters. Mr. Bruckheim was promoted and served as Chief of the Criminal Section at the OAG where he supervised the prosecution of DUI offenses in the District and directed a staff of over 20 attorneys.

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