Don’t Get Your Driver’s License Suspended in DC

If you’re like most drivers, you hardly ever think about losing your driver’s license. It seems like a far-fetched punishment that’s only given to the worst criminals and this certainly does not describe you, right?

Well … if this is your perspective, you just might be closer to flagging car rides than you think. Surprisingly, it is not difficult to lose your driver’s license in Washington, DC and it can happen in more ways than one. Keep reading to learn how DC drivers can lose the privilege of legally transporting yourself in a vehicle.

1. Major Moving Violations (DWI, DUI, OWI, and Reckless Driving)

The fastest ways to find yourself walking are to drive while intoxicated (DWI), drive under the influence (DUI), operate a vehicle while impaired (OWI), or just to drive plain reckless. If you are convicted of any of these violations, many states make the suspension of your driver’s license a mandatory condition of your sentence. In DC, a conviction will result in 12 points being assessed against your DC driving privileges, which means an automatic revocation.

In the cases where an automatic revocation is not required, the following factors can increase the likelihood that your driver’s license will be suspended.

  • If you have had a prior conviction or DUI punishment in the last 10 years
  • If your driving record already has a DUI-related driver’s license suspension
  • If at the time of the arrest there was a person in the vehicle under the age of 14
  • If your blood-alcohol level is higher than 0.10% or 0.15%

Here is another thing to know about driving in DC. It is illegal to have an open container of alcohol in your car while driving. An open container of alcohol gives police officers in Washington, DC probable cause to pull you over. If they pull you over and you’re intoxicated, you can face DWI, DUI or OWI charges.

2. Child Support

This is simple. If you don’t pay your child support, you’re going to lose your license (in Washington DC, at least). DC now revokes or suspends driver’s licenses because of past due or non-frequent child support payments. So, a word to the wise …. if you owe child support, pay up!

If your license is suspended due to delinquent child support and you want to get your license reinstated, you must becoming current on your child support payments and bring sufficient proof to the DMV to lift the suspension.

3. Outstanding traffic tickets

Unpaid traffic tickets that are uncontested and unpaid after 30 days can cause your driver’s license to be suspended.

4. Violation of DC Driver Points System
DC will give you bad driving points for certain kinds of moving violations. As we shared above, you can get 12 points if you are convicted of DWI, DUI, OWI or reckless driving. This will result in an automatic revocation. And, don’t think you’re off the hook if you mess up somewhere else. DC will add points to your driving record even if you violate moving violations outside of Washington, DC. Accumulate too many points and you’ll lose the privilege of driving.

* * * * * * *

As you can see from the facts we’ve shared above, you don’t have to commit a crime worthy of life imprisonment to get your license taken away. Lots of things can lead to this unfortunate end. If you find yourself in any of these situations and you are in Washington, DC, do not dispair. Call Michael Bruckheim at The Law Office of Michael Bruckheim for a free consultation and to find out how he can help.

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