Washington DC Traffic Violations

Updated on April 16th, 2024 at 06:46 pm

Whether you are caught running a red light, speeding in traffic or driving while intoxicated, Bruck Law Offices is the premier DC law firm to help you deal with the complexities of the legal system. Our services combine a proven track record of success mixed with personal commitment that will help you handle your speeding violations in D.C. in the best possible manner.

When you are caught going over the speed limit by 10, 20 or even speeding 30 in D.C., you are going to need the services of a qualified attorney to help you keep your driver’s license. When you are caught speeding in D.C. in Washington D.C., it counts as a criminal misdemeanor and can come with 3 months in jail, a $300 fine and five points on your driver’s license with the DMV.

If you are caught speeding over 20 miles per hour in the Virginia area, you could face a criminal charge, whereas if you are caught going over in Maryland you cannot face any criminal charges or possible jail time.

Consequences of Speeding Violations in D.C.

Receiving a D.C. speeding violation doesn’t just mean you might have to pay a fine to get out of legal trouble. For certain speeding violations in D.C., the penalties can mean you lose your license for a certain amount of time. According to the Washington D.C. DMV, these are the different ways your license can be affected if you do not use a qualified attorney for your speeding in traffic violations:

  • License Suspension: A license suspension means that you lose your driving privileges for a certain amount of time or until you complete certain tasks or driver education courses.
  • License Revocation: A revocation is similar to a suspension, but generally lasts for a longer amount of time. You will usually have to complete courses and wait until your revocation expires until you can drive again.
  • License Cancellation: If you are seen as no longer fit to drive, your license can be canceled in Washington D.C.

With the proper legal help, your speeding in traffic violations do not need to result in a suspension or revocation. Our law offices can even help repeat offenders avoid a license cancellation and receive a lesser punishment for their D.C. speeding violation offenses.

How Bruck Law can Help You with Speeding 30 in D.C.

  • To avoid any charges, points on your license, fines or possible jail time for D.C. speeding or speeding in the surrounding area, Bruck Law Offices is here to help you.
  • We can find out if your arresting officer followed the correct procedures during your stop to see if your stop met legal standards.
  • We will check the D.C. Speeding officer’s equipment to make sure the radar was calibrated correctly and speed detection devices were operating up to standards.
  • If all procedures and devices are up to standards, we can help your speeding in D.C. case by referring you to defensive driving courses and driver education school to help you become safer behind the wheel. Once you successfully complete these courses, you may have to pay a fine for your speeding 30 D.C. case, but you will not face jail time and points against your license will go away

Contact Bruck Law Offices for Your D.C. Speeding Violation

Michael Bruckheimer has 11 years of experience as an assistant attorney general in Washington D.C. and will handle your speeding violations in D.C. with integrity, trust and commitment. His unique take on the law combines a mix of experience, strict attention to detail and an assertiveness that sets him apart from his colleagues. If you are caught speeding in traffic or with another serious offense, contact Mr. Bruckheimer instead of tackling the legal system alone.

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