This past Fall, the District of Columbia, was placed center stage on one of the most divisive topics – the decriminalization of sex work. D.C. proposed the Reducing Criminalization of Commercial Sex Amendment Act of 2019 to D.C. Council. The controversial topic is being viewed as an alternative solution for mitigating the negative impacts prostitution […]Continue reading

When charged with driving under the influence in Washington, D.C., driving privileges can be revoked for a certain period of time, depending on other factors, such as compliance with DUI chemical testing and prior offenses. In the District of Columbia, first-time offenders are subject to anywhere from six (6) months to one (1) year license […]Continue reading

All those who are hired for a federal position must undergo some form of basic background investigation to determine if an individual is “reliable, trustworthy, of good conduct and character, and loyal to the United States.” This goes for military personnel, government employees, or even governmental contractors. Naturally, many people question what kind of information […]Continue reading