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If you need a Washington DC DUI attorney, Bruckheim & Patel is ready to advocate for you. DC attorneys Bruckheim & Patel  promise trust, commitment, and integrity when representing clients facing a D.C. dui. Our skilled litigators bring a unique perspective to each case. Experience, attention to detail, and aggressiveness can mean the difference between success and failure. More Information Here

The Corcoran Gallery of Art has an interesting history. Its founder, William Wilson Corcoran, stated that the Gallery was to be dedicated to art. Today, it is an art museum that interprets, presents, and preserves the art of today along with the art of yesterday. The college aspect of this fantastic Gallery of Art has helped to shape new generations of designers and artists. The Corcoran philosophy is to have education as a central focus. This education will not only be done in the classrooms, but it will also be provided in the many galleries that are in the greater Washington, DC region. More Information Here

The Washington DC Ghost Tours have become well-recognized for their paranormal nuances and the experience one can have.
It is an experience that is hard to replicate in any other part of America, which is what makes it such a fun-filled time for those who tour. The Washington DC Ghost Tours are split into two, and each has a set admission rate for those looking to enjoy everything a tour has to offer. More Information Here

If you are interested in visiting Washington DC but fear that you won’t be able to capture the images that you want while there, the Washington Photo Safari is waiting to help. These guided tours are unlike your traditional offerings. While you are viewing the city, the safari instructors will teach you how to use your camera. More Information Here

The Vietnam Conflict was a very controversial war in the history of the United States. Tens of thousands of people lost their lives, and to many, the reason for even entering the conflict did not make sense. This does not change the fact that these men and women risked their lives and often perished while protecting the freedoms that Americans continue to enjoy to this day. More Information Here

In 2004, the World War II Memorial became instantly popular with many of the visitors as they viewed the unveiling. Many World War II veterans were there to witness this formal dedication. The memorial was designed by Frederick St. Florian who was a former chief of the School of Design located in Rhode Island. The World War II Memorial shows the clear relationship between the battlefront and the home-front during World War II. It helps Americans to understand the reliance that each front has each other and for the sacrifices of all Americans during World War II. More Information Here

Directly north of the White House, which is on H Street between 17th and 15th streets NW, is a 7-acre public park called Lafayette Square. Lafayette Square and most of the areas surrounding structures were designated in 1970 to be a National Historic Landmark District. The entire area was originally planned and designed for the President of the United States as an enjoyment area that would be close to the Executive Mansion. Therefore, these grounds were often called the “Presidents Park.” In 1804, Lafayette Square was no longer considered part of the White House grounds when President Jefferson approved a plan that allowed Pennsylvania Avenue to cut through it. In 1824, the Park received its official name in honor of the famous French General Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette. More Information Here

The United States Guest House, Blair House, is composed of four connected town-homes of which two face Lafayette Park on Jackson Place and two located on Pennsylvania Avenue. This historic complex has more than 120 rooms and a total area of over 60,000 ft.². There are 18 full-time employees on staff to oversee all aspects of maintenance and hospitality. More Information Here

The story of the battle for a National African American Museum is a story of courage and persistence. The doors opened in 2016 but before that date the museum had to navigate Congress, raise $270 million, and claim a portion of land located on the nation’s front lawn. It all began 11 years prior, with a museum director named Lonnie G. Bunch who had no land to build on, no building to use, no collections, and therefore no museum. More Information Here

The Smithsonian American Art Museum located near the offices of Bruckheim and Patel in Washington DC is vast and includes the Renwick Gallery. Known as the “American Louvre” when constructed in the mid-1800’s, the gallery emphasizes crafts and decor through much of American history. Today, visitors can enjoy the rotating exhibitions and much more when in Washington. More Information Here

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