Lori McCardle

Updated on April 16th, 2024 at 06:04 pm

Lori McCardle is an attorney of counsel at Bruckheim & Patel. Ms. McCardel is an experienced litigation attorney focused on protecting her clients’ constitutional rights. She combines a vigorous drive to defend defendants’ legal rights with a capacity to listen and understand their personal concerns. Her client-centered approach combines a vigorous drive to defend clients’ legal rights with a capacity to listen to and understand their concerns with compassion.

Ms. McCardle represents clients in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia and at the District’s Department of Motor Vehicles. She focuses her practice area on representing clients in Civil Protective Order (CPO) matters, expungement/sealing of cases, traffic, and other criminal offenses. She works tirelessly to achieve excellence and ensure the best possible settlement or resolution for her clients.

Ms. McCardle additionally specializes in misdemeanor and felony criminal appellate work. Many of the appeals that she works on are currently pending at the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Through Ms. McCardle’s advocacy, criminal defendants will benefit and be better protected in the future. The attorneys at Bruckheim & Patel work closely with each other on all aspects of cases to receive the best possible results for their clients.

Through this close mentorship, Ms. McCardle has become an expert in defending driving under the influence (DUI) cases in the District.

As the CPO lawyer at the firm, she has represented both petitioners and respondents. No matter which side Ms. McCardle is representing, she zealously advocates for her clients by negotiating out-of-court settlement agreements or, when necessary, fighting the case at trial to either obtain a CPO or defend against a petition.

Prior to joining Bruckheim & Patel, Ms. McCardle worked in trial litigation in California and gained many favorable outcomes for her clients. She previously clerked at the Public Defenders’ office in Los Angeles, California, and successfully aided in the obtainment of acquittals and dismissals for numerous felony, juvenile, and misdemeanor cases.

Since returning to the District, Ms. McCardle has worked tirelessly defending criminal cases in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia.   She has extensive experience with Mental Health Community Court defending clients who are battling mental illness and addiction.

Ms. McCardle earned her Juris Doctor from the UCLA School of Law in Los Angeles, California.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude from George Washington University. Ms. McCardle is barred in the District of Columbia and California.

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