Lora Silberman is an associate at Bruckheim & Patel. Ms. Silberman is an experienced litigation attorney focused on protecting the constitutional rights of her clients.  She combines a vigorous drive to defend the legal rights of her clients with a capacity to listen and understand their personal concerns with compassion.

At Bruckheim & Patel, Ms. Silberman represents clients in the Superior Court for the District of Columbia and at the District’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). She focuses her practice area representing clients in Civil Protective Order (CPO) matters, expungement/sealing of cases, misdemeanor criminal offenses, and traffic matters for the firm. She works tirelessly to ensure the best possible settlement or resolution for her clients. Ms. Silberman additionally specializes in misdemeanor and felony criminal appellate work. Many of the appeals that she has worked tirelessly on are currently pending at the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. In her DMV representations, she has handled over 125 hearings at the DC DMV Adjudication Services and has obtained a successful outcome in over 94% of the hearings in the past year.

Prior to joining Bruckheim & Patel, Ms. Silberman worked as a criminal division staff attorney for a legal clinic in the District, D.C. Law Students in Court (“LSIC”), which provides legal services to low-income residents of the District of Columbia. Ms. Silberman represented numerous clients in criminal cases and in Mental Health Community Court. While with LSIC, she helped create and develop LSIC’s Expungement Clinic, which provides pro bono expungement (“sealing”) services for low-income residents throughout the District. Through the Expungement Clinic, Ms. Silberman trained dozens of attorneys at corporate law firms on the D.C. expungement laws. She personally interviewed hundreds of D.C. residents to determine their eligibility for expunging their D.C. matters and represented countless clients in successfully sealing their D.C. cases.

Prior to returning to the District, Ms. Silberman worked as a workers’ compensation defense attorney. In this position, Ms. Silberman handled the caseloads of numerous corporate clients including investigations, settlement negotiations, attending court hearings, conducting trials, and deposing over fifty applicants. She aided in developing modified work programs for her clients that simultaneously enabled employees to return to work while protecting her clients against insurance fraud.

Ms. Silberman earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of California (UCLA) School of Law in Los Angeles, California.  Prior to attending law school, Ms. Silberman graduated Magna Cum Laude from George Washington University in Washington, D.C. with Bachelor of Arts degrees in American Studies and Psychology. 

Throughout her law school academic career at UCLA School of Law, Ms. Silberman clerked at the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office. While working with the Public Defenders’ office, she successfully aided in the obtainment of acquittals and dismissals for numerous felony, juvenile, and misdemeanor cases. Ms. Silberman spent a significant amount of time in law school studying criminal issues from an academic perspective. She wrote an extensive academic thesis that explored the adverse immigration consequences of crimes and devised a strategy for criminal defense attorneys to avoid those consequences when negotiating plea bargains.  Ms. Silberman wrote an additional thesis regarding the need to reform the education system in juvenile prisons, and interviewed many within the system to determine necessary interventions.

Ms. Silberman is state barred in District of Columbia and California. As an active lawyer in the D.C. community, she is a member of the Women’s Bar Association of the District of Columbia (WBADC), active in the George Washington University alumni network, and a member of the G.W. Young Alumni Committee.