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A Temporary Protective Order can be granted by a judge after a CPO petition is filed and at the request of the petitioner if they believe they are immediately endangered by the respondent so the petitioner is protected before the CPO trial takes place. The TPO lasts 14 days and typically places restrictions on respondent […]Continue reading

A CPO can be granted by a court when a family member, romantic partner, or current roommate has committed or threatened to commit a criminal offense against an individual. If a CPO is granted, the person accused of committing the criminal offense must stay away and not threaten, harass, or stalk the individual for a […]Continue reading

A DSA, Deferred Sentencing Agreement, is a diversion agreement that begins with a guilty plea by the defendant, but does not result in a conviction. The defendant can make a motion to the court to withdraw the guilty plea and dismiss charges if the agreed upon terms are successfully completed. If the defendant does not […]Continue reading

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