DMV Hearings in Washington DC

Updated on March 9th, 2018 at 02:09 pm

If you are convicted or charged with DUI or OWI charges in the District of Columbia, you are at risk of several negative consequences from the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A criminal record from a conviction may prohibit you from job advancement or employment opportunities in the future and may even result in the loss of a job. For students, criminal charges of this nature may also result in academic suspension or expulsion, the loss of academic, housing scholarships, and additional funding.

When charged with a DUI, DWI, or OWI in the District of Columbia, the DC DMV will likely begin hearings to suspend driving privileges. Additionally, the DC Office of the Attorney General will most likely begin criminal prosecution against you before DC Superior Court. Unless individuals facing these charges schedule a suspension hearing at the DC DMV, driving privileges are usually automatically suspended. Bruckheim & Patel has extensive experience representing clients in DMV hearings and has a strong legal track record working with DUI and OWI charges.

How do I Request a DMV Hearing in the District of Columbia?

If you have been charged of a DUI, DWI, or OWI in DC, the DC DMV will begin automatic suspension of your license. In order to pause this automatic suspension of driving privileges, residents of the District of Columbia must request a formal DC DMV hearing within ten (10) days of the incident. Non-residents have fifteen (15) days to request the same hearing. Failure to schedule this hearing results in automatic suspension of driving privileges for up to one (1) year.

However, in the case that your arresting officer presents clear and convincing evidence against the defendant at the DC DMV or if a conviction sentence is made in the criminal matter before DC Superior Court, your license may be suspended or revoked. The DC DMV may also impose license sanctions in the event of a not-guilty decision. You have the right to contest and reverse a DMV license suspension/revocation if you are found not guilty at trial. If you are an out-of-state driver, the DC DMV’s Driver’s License Compact Agreement requires that convictions be reported to your home state.

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