DC Dentist Pleads Guilty to Sexually Assaulting Patients

On May 15th of this year, a DC dentist plead guilty to eight counts of sexual assault on five of his patients and two employees. The Georgetown dentist plead guilty to assaulting the five male patients while they were under anesthesia.

Bilal Ahmed was the owner of the dentist practice, Universal Smiles, on M Street in Georgetown. In 2014, a patient contacted authorities and accused Ahmed of sexually assaulting him while under the anesthesia nitrous oxide. This prompted other to step forward with similar accusations. While this first incident occurred in May of 2014, similar occurrences happened as early as 2010. Ahmed was arrested at John F. Kennedy airport in New York in 2016 after a Superior Court indictment of 21 charges, which included 14 felony counts of sexual abuse, four misdemeanor counts of sexual assault, and three counts of misdemeanor assault. Ahmed had originally plead not guilty to the charges in early 2016.

The defendant, represented by his D.C. assault attorney, and prosecutors reached a plea deal in early 2017. The 13-page deal included charges of first and second degree sexual assault, and one count of simple assault. The sexual assault charges were levied for actions Ahmed conducted against five patients and one of his employees. The simple assault charge was the result of inappropriate touching by Ahmed on another former employee. The plea deal included eight charges for which Ahmed would have to plead guilty. In exchange for accepting the plea deal and agreeing to plead guilty to all eight counts, prosecutors dropped the remaining fifteen charges handed down by the indictment of the DC Superior Court. Under the terms of the agreement, Ahmed is confined to home detention, GPS tracking, and intensive supervision. His dental license was suspended in 2014, and his practice has since shut down.

He is scheduled to appear before Superior Court Judge Zoe Bush on August 10th for a sentencing hearing. He faces a maximum 15 years for the first-degree sexual assault charge. However, he is eligible for additional time for the remaining charges. He is facing decades in prison in total for all of his charges.Ahmed has also faced numerous malpractice and civil cases relating to these events. Furthermore,Ahmed’s former office manager of his former Georgetown office, Mahsa Azimiriad, was also indicted for perjury and is accused of lying to a grand jury during the investigation of Ahmed.

The extensiveness of the charges and potential sentences that face Ahmed illustrates the complexities of criminal charges, specifically assault charges, in Washington D.C. The use of D.C. assault attorneys by Ahmed shows the importance of having a skilled lawyer to help navigate these kinds of charges. His assault attorneys played a key part in securing his plea deal; had this case gone to trail he could’ve faced much harsher charges and possibly a much harder sentence. In the District of Columbia, being found guilty of sexual assault can result in sentences lasting decades- having skilled sexual assault attorneys that can advocate for their clients is essential for reaching a fair deal or preparing to fight the charges.