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As a former Prosecutor, Michael Bruckheim has experience on the other side of the aisle. Prior to founding his law office in 2010, Mr. Bruckheim enjoyed a diverse career in litigation at the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia (OAG) serving for over 11 years. He began his OAG career as a prosecutor in the Criminal Section where he conducted numerous bench and jury trials in traffic and criminal misdemeanor matters. Mr. Bruckheim was promoted and served as Chief of the Criminal Section at the OAG where he supervised the prosecution of DUI offenses in the District and directed a staff of over 20 attorneys.

    You may have heard ‘no contest’ and ‘guilty’ used interchangeably in discussions about plea deals. On the surface, they are very similar and often result in the same outcome concerning criminal charges. But, is a guilty plea the same as no-contest plea? Pleading no contest means that you accept the conviction but avoid admitting guilt. […]Continue reading

    A Civil Protective Order (CPO) is a tool used by someone who believes that a family member or romantic partner has committed or threatened to commit acts of violence against them. There are two parties to CPO litigation: (1) the petitioner, who files the CPO petition; and (2) the respondent, whom the CPO petition is against. In […]Continue reading

    Are you looking for long-term protection from an abuser? If so, a civil protection order in Washington DC may be the solution that you are seeking. At Bruckheim & Patel, we understand how difficult it can be to take legal action against your abuser and want to provide you with helpful information about the steps […]Continue reading

    On May 3, 2019, DC Law 22-311 went into effect. The amendment changed Title 23 of the District of Columbia Official Code to eliminate the criminal statute of limitations for first, second, third, and fourth-degree sexual abuse. It extended the statute of limitations for violations of required reporting of abused or neglected children. It also […]Continue reading

    Updated on August 16th, 2023 at 09:10 pm This age-old question has surely come up at some point in your lifetime and you may even claim to know the answer. Fortunately, we have the research to either back, or destroy, your hypothesis. Spoiler: the answer will shock you. Do Men or Women Cause More Accidents? […]Continue reading

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