Month: February 2013

There is no need to search the yellow pages for an experienced Maryland DUI attorney with a proven success rate. Instead all you need to do is contact Michael Bruckheim of Bruck Law who is well known in this area of the law representing clients in DWI/DUI cases for several years.

Why Bruck Law?

So you may ask yourself what makes Michael Bruckheim of Bruck law stand out and above all the other Maryland DUI attorneys available? Well Mr. Bruckheim is unique in that he can offer you perspective as both a prosecutor and defense attorney in DWI/DUI cases.

Mr. Bruckheim prosecuted DWI/DUI cases for a number of years in the Office of the Attorney General for the District of Columbia. From there he was asked to supervise the Criminal Section in charge of the DWI/DUI prosecutions. This means he has an inside look at how a prosecution puts together their case, the angles they use and the way the court will look at the case. This can only work in your favor, as the more information your attorney has to work with and help you with the more likely you are to have a successful outcome.

Mr. Bruckheim has even been trained and certified to administer field sobriety tests, which in turn gives him the knowledge on how to challenge field test results. He does not back down from a fight or battle and is happy to bring to the table experience and knowledge while representing you.

If you’ve been charged with a DWI/DUI you can call Mr. Bruckheim and take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your case and options moving forward.

What does a DWI/DUI Charge in Maryland Mean?

It’s important to understand just how serious a DUI or DWI charge is in the state of Maryland. You can be looking at fines, the loss of driving privileges and possible jail time. These types of cases are very technical and they require a very experienced attorney to find the prosecutions weak points in the case.

By definition a DUI (driving under the influence) charge means you were driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. First offences carry a $1,000 fine and a maximum of one year in jail, a second offence carries two years in jail and a $2,000 fine while a third offence is up to three years in jail and a $3,000 fine.

While searching for a Montgomery County DUI lawyer there are a number of things you should be keeping in mind, including a proven track record of winning cases. This is what Michael Bruckheim of Bruck Law offers his clients.

Finding a DUI Lawyer Who Will Work For You

If you are currently faces DUI charges then you know exactly how important it is to have an attorney fight for you, one that know what they are doing and how to win your case. Michael Bruckheim has been prosecuting DWI/DUI cases for many years now and is well known in this area of the law. In fact, he has been so successful that he was asked to supervise the Criminal Section in charge of DWI/DUI prosecutions. He is also NHTSA certified to give field sobriety tests.

What Bruckheim is able to bring clients is that unique perspective that he has gained from prosecuting DWI/DUI cases, which many attorneys won’t be able to provide. This gives him a real understanding of how the law works from both sides of the fence.

Mr. Bruckheim excels at being able to persuade both the court and the prosecution to give a favorable ruling. He is well aware of how to challenge field sobriety tests and how to best put together and present your case.

How Can I Challenge a DUI Charge?

While you might be left wondering how you can possibly challenge a DUI charge, this need not be a worry when you’ve selected an experienced Montgomery Country DUI lawyer – which Mr. Bruckheim is.

He not only has the experience you’ll need but he is able to be aggressive when it comes to your representation. He can challenge the charge by asking such pivotal questions as:

– Do you have any witnesses that may be able to contradict the officer’s version of the events?
– Argue the fact that field sobriety tests are known for being unreliable.
– Was the breathalyzer or blood test results accurate and were they performed by a qualified person?
– Was the initial stop legal, meaning was there reasonable suspicion to stop you?

Mr. Bruckheim takes the worry, stress and pressure off you and instead he does the fighting for you. While you are not likely an expert in the field, Mr. Bruckheim clearly is, which will ultimately benefit you when it comes to the ruling.

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