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Fighting a legal battle can be protracted and stressful for even the smallest cases; choosing the right counsel when searching for  Rockville attorneys with extensive expertise and experience will help you smooth the process, and assist you in winning your case. Michael Bruckheim is an attorney with 11 years of experience as a DC assistant attorney general, and knows how the prosecution thinks.  Who better to defend your case than attorney Michael Bruckheim?  Michael will help you return to your normal life. As one of the leading Rockville attorneys, Mr. Bruckheim will provide aggressive representation in court that will quickly resolve your legal problems and get results even in the toughest cases.

Why Choose Michael Bruckheim As Your Rockville DUI Lawyer?

Michael Bruckheim is a Driving Under The Influence defense attorney of Rockville, MD who is standing by to assist you now. Throughout Rockville, MD there is no tolerance regarding drinking and driving. If some level of alcohol exists, it may mean an arrest. Inside Rockville right now there are two distinct offenses regarding inebriated driving. One is a DUI, or Driving Under The Influence of alcohol in the event your blood alcohol content is .08% or more. The other offense is DWI, which is Driving While Impaired with a blood alcohol content of below .08% in your system.

pic of Michael Bruckheim, Rockville DUI lawyer next to carAs you finalize your list of Rockville attorneys, you will see that Michael Bruckheim has frequently interacted with the lawyers, officers and judges with whom you will be dealing with. He knows just the right mix of aggressiveness and expertise to defend your case. The environment of his small law office in Montgomery County, or his office in DC means that your case will get the careful attention and individualized representation that you won’t find from larger law offices and impersonal lawyers.

Michael Bruckheim is an experienced litigator who has been on both sides of these criminal cases, having supervised innumerable varieties of DWI and other criminal cases during his 11 years as an assistant attorney general. His type of professional trial work and responsive advocacy will help you achieve better results. Need reassurance in your legal battle? You can be sure that you will have an experienced litigator at hand to protect your rights in a criminal case when you’re his client.

What Should You Do When You are Charged

If perhaps you are ever charged with a DUI or DWI, it is recommended to seek out legal aid right away so that you will possibly end up with your charges diminished or possibly even dropped. Seek the advice of someone who is a professional and secure a referral for a qualified attorney at law who in fact works with DUI and DWI circumstances. You should not merely look in a phone book to find one – consider prudently!

Find personal references and do your research. It’s your life; for that reason make the very best commitment when deciding on a lawyer. At The Law Office of Michael Bruckheim, DUI cases are sorted out each and every day. Call Michael Bruckheim directly for a licensed and skilled defense attorney to guide you! Michael Bruckheim values his excellent client relationships unlike any other Rockville lawyer. He works hard to ensure trust and respect within the law system, as well as respect between clients and lawyers.

Other lawyers in can deliver results, but you can expect extra careful attention in the most complex of cases, because Michael Bruckheim’s skilled representation and personalized service has made a difference for hundreds of clients already. The most important aspect of your success in your case—and your own success in future endeavors—is the skill of your defense attorney.

You can find countless Driving Under The Influence defense attorneys in the Montgomery County area, but when hiring Michael Bruckheim as your personal DUI attorney at law, you can be confident that you are making a smart selection! Bruckheim and Patel offers you decades of practical experience with litigation cases of driving under the influence. Indeed you have the right to defend yourself, even so it is unadvisable unless in fact you have obtained plenty of know-how and fully comprehend the legal guidelines inside Rockville. You can count on Michael Bruckheim, a defense attorney at law with expertise, who is very capable and who also is aware of the distinct laws in the area of Rockville, MD, Gaithersburg, Bethesda, or anywhere else in Montgomery County or the District of Columbia.

Contact an Experienced Rockville DUI Attorney Today

Regarding your health and safety and the safe keeping of others, it is most beneficial not to drink and drive. Nevertheless if you do and are charged with a DUI or DWI make the best decision when deciding on an attorney to defend you. Call Michael Bruckheim now, the very best Driving Under The Influence attorney in Montgomery County and the District of Columbia.

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