Thank you for considering The Law Office of Michael Bruckheim for expert Driving Under The Influence defense attorneys of Potomac, MD. Throughout Potomac there is absolutely no tolerance for drinking and driving. If there is presence of alcohol, it might mean an arrest. In Potomac, presently there are three distinct offenses pertaining to intoxicated driving. One in particular is a DUI, or Driving Under The Influence of alcohol in the event your blood alcohol content is .08% or higher. Yet another offense is DWI, which requires a DWI criminal defense attorney in Potomac and is determined with a blood alcohol content of below .08% in your system. Both of these offenses are very serious and need to be dealt with swiftly.

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If you do find yourself charged at some point with a Potomac DUI or DWI, it is wise to find legal assistance immediately so you can quite possibly have your charges lowered. The law office of Michael Bruckheim has extensive experience in such matters. He has unique knowledge of how prosecutors look at these cases having served as Chief of the Criminal Section for the OAG.

Potomac DUI counsel Michael BruckheimMichael Bruckheim offers you years of working experience with Potomac DUI charges. You absolutely have the right to defend your case yourself; nevertheless it is unadvisable unless you have obtained a lot of experience in defending DUI cases. You really need Michael Bruckheim, a Potomac DUI attorney with expertise, who is 100% licensed and skilled and who is aware of the distinct laws pertaining to North Potomac, MD.

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Driving Under the Influence cases are handled every single day at our office. You can call Mr. Bruckheim now for a licensed and experienced DWI criminal defense attorney in Potomac to advise you! With regard to your safety and the safety of others, it is recommended not to drink and drive. On the contrary if you do and are charged with a DUI of DWI Germantown, Bethesda,  Damascus, Rockville, Gaithersburg, or the Washington DC area, make the best decision when hiring an attorney to defend you.

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The quicker you are to act, the better your outcome may be. There are several steps that you can take to help your upcoming case for drinking and driving.  Participating in alcohol awareness classes, or attending local AA meetings in Montgomery County will help show remorse for your recent arrest, and may help the outcome of your date with the judge in the court of law. If you have been arrested for a first offense, there are certain steps we encourage our clients to take as compared to a second or third arrest. We have fought many court cases in Potomac, and we are ready to help you fight for your rights. Contact the firm today to schedule a free consultation, and determine the best course of action for your upcoming trial. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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